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PPC Management That Delivers ROI

The Benefits of PPC Management.

  • Exposure by being placed at the top of Google’s search ranking.
  • More enquiries, more sales
  • Instant visitors to your website
  • Growth of your contact database
  • Saving time with our complete PPC service
  • Target established visitors to your website

What is PPC Management?

PPC management is an internet marketing term that stands for Pay Per Click, where the advertiser only pays when their advert is clicked on.

PPC Management ensures that you get the most effective advertising for your money by:

  • Targeting the correct keywords through research
  • SEO copywriting
  • Implementing conversion tracking

Our PPC management delivers results because we know what works. We can set up a campaign to generate leads and clicks almost instantaneously. It’s not magic, it is just effective advertising.


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The Secret of Effective PPC management

Google AdWords Account Setup

We will create and manage a Google AdWords account for your business Having a Google AdWords account:

  • Ensures that your adverts are shown on Google and their respected publisher network
  • Directly addresses your target markets to generate qualified leads
  • Helps to identify the best keywords for SEO optimization


Monthly PPC Optimization

Optimizing your campaign on a monthly basis ensures:

  • Your cost per click goes down
  • Your cost per sale is reduced each month
  • Your quality score goes up


Conversion Code Installation

90% of South African AdWords do not use tracking and hinder their business in the process.

Efficient and effective tracking exploits the full potential of your advertising by:

  • Your cost per click goes down
  • Your cost per sale is reduced each month
  • Your quality score goes up


Monitoring and Reporting

Analysis of PPC campaigns can define and refine campaign objectives to guarantee success.

Through monitoring, we can answer key questions to optimise your campaign: By investing in this service we can directly impact on the profitability of your business.

  • Does the campaign generate leads?
  • What is the cost per click or lead?
  • Which keywords are most effective?
  • How many people are visiting your site?

Facebook PPC management

We strategically place adverts in relevant locations on the social media website Facebook to increase campaign exposure.


The Premium PPC Management Package

We ensure that your campaign is managed on a daily basis through Google AdWords. This daily analysis ensures your advertising is up to date with changes in keyword efficacy, new competitors, and other advertising strategies. The advanced PPC management package is best suited to those dynamic businesses that need to stay ahead of the game.

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