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SEO marketing that delivers results

The Benefits of SEO marketing

A website with optimised SEO delivers tangible results:

  • Increased traffic to your site
  • Increased leads and sales
  • High ranking of your website on the organic search results on Google and other search engines
  • Your visitors are qualified i.e. they are specifically looking for your website

What is SEO marketing ?

SEO marketing or Search Engine Optimization makes websites more accessible to search engines.


If you want to drive traffic to your website great SEO marketing ensures that you have a high ranking on the list of natural (non-sponsored) search results.


Example of natural search results in Google.

"The higher your ranking, the more traffic you will receive, which means more leads!"


How we Increase Traffic to Your Website with SEO marketing

To significantly effect the organic traffic directed towards your website ClickMaven uses research and a number of technical processes to increase SEO optimization:

Website SEO Audit

By auditing your website and researching its current ranking on Google we are able to identify ways to improve your website ’s SEO and maximise your search engine ranking.
We analyse your:

  • Website’s structure
  • Content and formatting
  • Inbound links

Keyword Research

This information will give your website an edge against your competition.

Keywords are chosen strategically to make sure that you target as many potential visitors as possible.

    Identifies what people search for when looking for a particular product and/or service. We determine keywords using the following criteria:
  • The relevancy of keywords to your service/product
  • The search volume for certain keywords
  • The competition for relevant keywords

Onsite SEO Optimisation

Onsite optimisation ensures all aspects of your website are tailored to improve SEO optimization.

Changes are made to: title tags, meta descriptions, headers, links and various structural elements of your website. These changes increase your ranking in relevant search engines by making important information easily accessible to them.

    Article Syndication

    Keyword-rich articles improve the relevancy of your website in terms of SEO marketing. We create and syndicate articles on the internet to increase incoming traffic.

      Link Building

      Links from other sites are like votes. Links from trustworthy websites that have established authority and rankings will positively affect the way search engines position your site. Link building is perhaps the hardest and most crucial aspect of marketing any website.

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